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Length: 12:49 mins
Pictures: 67
January 30 2009
January 30 2009
Hey guys! My friend Yvon decided to spread his wealth around and sent me beautiful Julia, from New Brunswick. Let me tell you, she is sooo HOT, nothing to compare with their cold beaches! She smiled all along. When I was ramming her tight pussy, I was still thinking of her pretty face, sucking my dick... Man, did she ever receive her dose of BrunoB! And she kept on smiling, with that little spark...
Length: 11:06 mins
Pictures: 66
January 23 2009
January 23 2009
Hello BrunoB fans! Today i've got a nice surprise for you, and her name is Maxim! My friend Yvon recommended her...and I know that when Yvon recommends me a girl, I'm going to have a really good time. As I suspected, I wasn't dissapointed with Maxim...she was AMAZING! The best part by far though was that I didn't have to clean up afterwards...this slut swallowed every drop! I think i've found mys...
Length: 13:00 mins
Pictures: 48
January 16 2009
January 16 2009
Hey everyone! So I met up with this girl at a bar that I go to every Thursday night, and her name is Samantha. No i'm not talking about the Witch, although i'm sure she does have a charming side. She's really pretty and seems like she could be a real slut... so you know me, I had to investigate the situation further. It's her first time in front of a camera, so in true BrunoB style, i'm going to ...
Length: 11:19 mins
Pictures: 56
January 09 2009
January 09 2009
Hey guys! Today i've got the beautiful peneloppe for you...she's here today to film her very first Porn scene. Can you guess who the lucky guy will be today? That's right, none other then me....BrunoB! It'll be a nice icebreaker for her, and a guaranteed show stopper as well! What are you waiting for? Go watch the scene!
Shelby Bell
Length: 25:06 mins
Pictures: 64
January 02 2009
January 02 2009
Hey guys, what could be better than riding an off-road AND Shelby Bell on the same trip? Nothing I guarantee you! I was on the countryside and decided I could manage to pull an extra shift during my vacation, that's how dedicated I am to my job! Shelby and I found ourselves a nice, isolated spot to do the nasty, oh yeah! Sucking and fucking on the shore! I sure liked my job on that day!
Vanessa Gold
Length: 16:05 mins
Pictures: 60
December 25 2008
December 25 2008
Merry Christmas to everyone from yours truly, BrunoB. Today I got myself the greatest gift for the holidays...none other then the sublime Vanessa Gold! Guys. have you even seen this babes ass? If thats not a great gift, then I wonder what you're going to do with the socks your mother-in-law gives you for Christmas. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year...and I wish you all lots and lots of sex in the Ne...
Length: 09:59 mins
Pictures: 34
December 19 2008
December 19 2008
Hey guys! My "Babe Radar" was up last Friday night as I headed out to a bar to perform my usual tasks...picking up some hot chicks to take home and fuck for you...well, I guess I get some pleasure out of it too! So I met Missy, or should I say, she met me...I guess my site is getting more and more popular, because she recognized Canada's own Holder Dick, mine ofcourse! Who could be better to ream...
Length: 18:27 mins
Pictures: 59
December 12 2008
December 12 2008
Hey guys! This week I decided to stop by my good friend Pheel-It's place. I figured that he hadn't been working much these days, and that he deserved a little more because he's one hell of a Pornstar! So I brought him back for a shoot with not one, but TWO hot babes! Pamela and Kream sucked on his cock good, and deep throated him like champs! Enjoy! Online
Length: 08:11 mins
Pictures: 74
December 05 2008
December 05 2008
Hey everyone. Today I brought a long Redh-Haired Layla for you. She's wearing a naughty short plaid dress, and you get a peek of her panties as she introduces herself. Let's just say it's looking promising! I met her through a friend, so theres a big thanks going out to him! Our date went well, and we ended up in my room as I filmed her sucking me off...I guess it becomes somewhat of a routine so...
Sweet Nicki
Length: 13:10 mins
Pictures: 38
November 28 2008
November 28 2008
I've got a very, very BB special for you guys today. That's right, super-pornstar Sweet Nicky - who's also worked with huge stars, like Peter North. I had already done a scene with her, so I kind of wanted to measure her evolution in my own scientific study... I brought Sweet Nicky to my room, WHERE I performed my own patented BB-out-of-the-box-fuck-test. Now just don't go running to the store to...
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